The Hunted on CBS : A TV Show Review


The Hunted 

18 Fugitives. 9 Teams. 1 Goal.

On the all-new series Hunted, nine teams of two will try to evade capture for up to 28 days across a 100,000-square mile region in the southeastern United States. Each team that succeeds will win $250,000.

It won’t be easy, as the Fugitives will be tracked by an elite team of intelligence and operations experts operating out of the Command Center, who are coordinating the manhunt with the Hunters on the ground.

Ready to see who’s on the run? Check out each of these quick team profiles…

Watch the series premiere of Hunted on Sunday, Jan. 22 after the NFL’s AFC Championship game on CBS and CBS All AccessHunted moves to its regular time on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Jan. 25, starting that evening with a special two-hour episode.

Check out episode 1 on

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The Hunters

The force on the ground that will actually capture the Hunted!



The Command Center

An elite team of intelligence and operations experts that work hand in hand with The Hunters.


No Spoilers!!!

This is a very interesting T.V. show. This show will open a lot of peoples eyes to how much we are tracked on a daily basis.  I will be giving a more in depth analysis on upcoming episodes. So far my wife and I are very happy with this show and are looking forward to the rest of the season.

I’m Outta Here, Peace !!!!

Jeff Banek


A Perfect Day Formula by Craig Ballantyne, Book Review



I have always been a fan of Craig Ballantyne but I recently became a SUPER FAN! I read the book The Perfect Day Formula by Craig Ballantyne.  This is the type of book that can really change your life, if you don’t just read it, but live it.

One of Craig’s life goals is to help over a 10 million people improve their lives. That is one of the reasons that he wrote this book. He knew that he personally would never be able to help that any people, he is only one man, but if he wrote a book he could reach millions. It sells for $197.oo for a hard copy on Amazon. You can click here to purchase a copy if you like, I am sure Craig would appreciate it, but Craig would like to give it to you for free.

If you would like a free copy of The Perfect Day Formula please click this link Craig does ask that you pay the Shipping and Handling (it’s only $5.95).

If $5.95 is too much for you he is willing to give it away free as a audio book just because he knows how much this book can change your life and wants to help you.

Get your free audio book here —>

As you can tell I really enjoyed this book. It is a very quick read and if you apply it and are not just a “information gather” but “action taker” it may just be that change you’re looking for that will take you to that next level that you have always been looking for but did not know where to start.

Please share this with your friends and help Craig Ballantyne help 10,000,0000+ people change their lives for the better.

Also please follow my blog.

Thanks, I’m outta here. Peace!

Jeff Banek


(I am in no way a paid sponsor of this product. All opinions are solely my own. Actually I paid the $5.95 )

Spartan Race Here We Come


It’s official both my wife and I registered for The Spartan Race @ Littlefield, AZ on March 19th @ 12:15pm race time. I am so excited.

If you are interested in joining us, you can save a TON of money and sign up on Groupon at it is only $79 compared to $109 on the Spartan site. The only extra fee is $14.95 that they make you pay for insurance, but you have to pay it no matter how you purchase your ticket.

All Finishers also receive:

  • Finisher’s medal
  • Trifecta medal wedge piece
  • Finisher T-shirt
  • Bananas
  • Free professional photos
  • Complimentary beer (ages 21+) WOOT!!!!

If anyone would like to race with my wife and I please feel free to contact me in the comments and we will get together on race day or the night before.

This is our first Spartan Race and even though we are going to push it and do our best on every obstacle we are more concerned with finishing and having a great time.

We will also doing the Tough Mudder that will  in Las Vegas in October.

I’m Outta Here, Peace !!

Jeff Banek

1/13/2017 Fat Pics and Today’s Workout

So how sad is this? As I am uploading these pics and  my wife says

“What is that a picture of you pinching your butt?” sad-face-emojj

No, it’s not my butt, it’s me pinching my stomach that has gotten so large that it was hanging over my shorts. Sad times, but that is what happens when you just stop working out for about 5-6 years.  It started out slow,  just missing a few workouts here and there.  Then it became easier and easier to just stay home. The excuses became ever abundant it’s too hot, too cold, and on and on.  The worst part was since my schedule was so open it was easy to say I’ll just do it later or tomorrow.  Well now is later and it is time to G.S.D. and for those of you that don’t know what that means I highly recommend this quick video to get you PUMPED.

Great Video, right?

Who are you hanging out with and what thoughts are occupying your mind? Are You G.D.S. or are you sabotaging yourself?

Today’s workout was only 20 mins on the StairMaster. Below is a copy of my FitBit heart rate and exercise tracking. Man I love my FitBit 2. I will be doing a product review on the FitBit 2 in an upcoming blog.

1/13/2017 20 mins on StairMaster

Please feel free to friend me if you have a FitBit. I would love some challenges. You should be able to find me under Jeffery Banek.

Not too much else is going on today. My parent- in-laws are coming into town to visit this weekend. I like them a lot just they can be a handful sometimes. I’m  going back to school and classes start January 17th.  That will be a very interesting experience to say the least.

Please feel free to ask any questions or make any comments and to follow my blog so that we can experience these ups and downs together.

I’m outta here!!!! Peace!