1/13/2017 Fat Pics and Today’s Workout

So how sad is this? As I am uploading these pics and  my wife says

“What is that a picture of you pinching your butt?” sad-face-emojj

No, it’s not my butt, it’s me pinching my stomach that has gotten so large that it was hanging over my shorts. Sad times, but that is what happens when you just stop working out for about 5-6 years.  It started out slow,  just missing a few workouts here and there.  Then it became easier and easier to just stay home. The excuses became ever abundant it’s too hot, too cold, and on and on.  The worst part was since my schedule was so open it was easy to say I’ll just do it later or tomorrow.  Well now is later and it is time to G.S.D. and for those of you that don’t know what that means I highly recommend this quick video to get you PUMPED.

Great Video, right?

Who are you hanging out with and what thoughts are occupying your mind? Are You G.D.S. or are you sabotaging yourself?

Today’s workout was only 20 mins on the StairMaster. Below is a copy of my FitBit heart rate and exercise tracking. Man I love my FitBit 2. I will be doing a product review on the FitBit 2 in an upcoming blog.

1/13/2017 20 mins on StairMaster

Please feel free to friend me if you have a FitBit. I would love some challenges. You should be able to find me under Jeffery Banek.

Not too much else is going on today. My parent- in-laws are coming into town to visit this weekend. I like them a lot just they can be a handful sometimes. I’m  going back to school and classes start January 17th.  That will be a very interesting experience to say the least.

Please feel free to ask any questions or make any comments and to follow my blog so that we can experience these ups and downs together.

I’m outta here!!!! Peace!



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