Tough Mudder Half : Workout Video

This is a great 3 min 17 sec video from our friends over at Tough Mudder that is designed for someone that is doing the Tough Mudder Half.

It is called The Ultimate Workout : Tough Mudder Half

The workout consists of:

30 – Jumping Jacks


I personally recommend that you keep your feet parallel to one another so that you don’t over develop or under develop the inner and outer thigh.

30-High Knees

20-Sit Ups

Be sure to NOT even touch the back of your head it will cause you to pull on your neck which can lead to injury. A better technique is to lightly touch your finger tips to your temples. Also I would only recommend swinging your arms (karate chopping he calls it) if you are a beginner and need help completing the exercise

30-Tuck Jumps

Be sure to softly land on your toes like a cat to avoid injury.

20-Reverse Lunges

Their form is good in this exercise. Excellent tip. One of the most important things when doing any lunge.

30-Mountain Climbers

If you don’t have good hip flexibility preform this exercise at a much slower pace. Focus on getting your foot up closer and closer to your hand each rep. Then as you feel more comfortable increase the speed.

1-Minute Rest

Repeat 4 times

The workout is not bad. It does not really have much thought put into it and “Coach” has the personality of a wet mop. It is so obvious that he is reading a TelePrompter.  I would put in a few more exercises to break up the monotony of the workout. The reps are good numbers for someone that is at the intermediate level.

That’s all for today see you guys next time.

If you are interested in running in the upcoming Half Tough Mudder in Las Vegas this October please leave a message in the comments. My wife and I are already registered and would love some friends to run with.

I’m Outta Here, Peace !!!!

Jeff Banek


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