Cardio Kickoff : A Fitstar App, Program Review


Sunday My wife and I tried out the Program Cardio Kickoff by Fitstar.  I found that the warm up exercises were a little boring after the 1st 60 seconds. I personally would like them to use more exercises rather than prolong the amount of time, but that is my opinion. Let me know if you think they  are too long below. I would love to know if it is just me.

I did like the variety of push ups that the program provided.

    • Run In Place
      90/120 sec
    • 585043883a6e850479001ecb
      Air Jump Rope
      120/120 sec
    • 57f422296fc8546015003262
      Jumping Jacks
      90/115 sec
    • 585043c3299c380445004f75
      Shadow Boxing
      120/120 sec
    • 586d7715b7a2ce5f6e003313
      60 sec
    • 585043ab3a6e850479001efb If you find these kneeling push-ups to be too easy. Go for higher reps rather than doing “regular” push-up. There will be more later.
      Kneeling Pushups
      25/25 reps
    • 585043a2c80843316a014de2 Tori loves this exercise. She says “I can really feel these in my glutes.”
      Floor Bridges
      40/32 reps
    • 5850439117fa5c7c08014d7e Again 2 mins is a little too long for me.
      Butt Kicks
      120/120 sec
    • 585043bdc80843316a014e04
      Power Skips
      60/60 sec
    • 586d7715b7a2ce5f6e003313
      60 sec
    • 585043a6686c4a38ca014fdf
      Half Pushups
      20/20 reps
    • 585043cc3a6e850479001f35 Be sure to keep your back straight and don’t round your back
      Split Stance Back Extensions
      25/25 reps
    • 585043ca3a6e850479001f2d Be sure to stay on your toes.
      Skipping Scissor Kicks
      90/90 sec
    • 585043d017fa5c7c08014dc4 Think hand, knee, foot when performing this exercise.
      Star Crawl
      45/45 sec
    • 586d7715b7a2ce5f6e003313
      60 sec
    • 585043a4c80843316a014de6 I would recommend leading with one arm and then switching lead arm at 30 sec so you work each side evenly.
      Forearm Plank Pushups
      10/6 reps
    • 585043a6299c380445004f43
      Good Mornings
      20/20 reps
    • 585043b03a6e850479001f03
      Muay Thai Kicks
      120/120 sec
    • 585043d03a6e850479001f3d
      Star Skaters
      45/45 sec
    • 586d7715b7a2ce5f6e003313
      60 sec
    • 585043afb7a2ce22f2014ccb
      Military Pushups
      8/6 reps
    • 585043a2299c380445004f3d
      Face Down Back Extensions
      22/22 reps
    • 585043ca3a6e850479001f2f
      Slalom Jumps
      35/15 sec
    • 585043b03a6e850479001f01
      Mountain Climbers
      60/40 sec
  • 58080fb1c80843316a00f63b

    Level 6 Back

    Level 6 Chest

    Level 8 Cardio
  • 369 Calories Burned
    10 Forearm Plank Push-ups
    2 Minutes Air Jump Rope
    4 Sessions Completed
LOL, I originally didn’t notice that I had increase my BACK and CHEST to a 6 and CARDIO to a 8 until I copied the workout for this blog. I guess that is good. There is nothing to reference it to.  Overall I did enjoy this workout and found it challenging. My one negative about this workout is that the warm up is for 6 minutes which is great, but there is no cool down at all. To finish on salmon jumps and mountain climbers are pretty high intensity exercises.  Abs or  back extensions would have been better here to allow for the heart to slow down and get closer to your normal rate.
Again please let me know if you think that the duration for some of the exercises are too long or if you think that they are fine at 2 minutes.
Check if you feel the exercises are too long or just right.


That’s all for today.

I’m Outta Here, PEACE!!!!!

Jeff Banek


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