My name is Jeffery Banek I’m 43 years old and I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. I started as a personal trainer then became fitness director, general manager and eventually a regional fitness director. I have worked at 24 hr Fitness, LA Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Express Fitness, The UFC Gym and even owned my own personal training company. I have had many fitness/personal training certifications as well as I served 4 years as a combat medic with the Marines. I loved helping people get in shape and have a happier and healthier life but 5 years ago I decided to leave the fitness industry.


After 20 years I wanted to give something else a try. I decided to become a professional poker player.  Now before all of you go and start to think that this is how I lost all my money and am now returning to fitness, it’s not. What has happened, is I have done OK in poker but due to all the sitting and not working out I have become FAT!!!! I went from 210lbs with 8-10% body fat to 240 lbs with a body fat of over 22%. For those of you that don’t want to do the math I went from about 21lbs of total body fat to over 52lbs of body fat and I lost a ton of muscle in the process. I am almost 6’5″ and just turned 43 January 1st. I started “slow” working out last month to ease back into working out. I am extremely out of shape. I have managed to lose about 10lbs in the last 45 days but now it is time to turn it up and get some real results.
I am writing this blog for 3 reasons :
1. To track my progress over the next several months as I reach my fitness goals.
2. To get support from a great fitness community during my ups and downs.
3. To hopefully encourage and help someone else to not give up and to reach their goals. (This one is super important to me!)
My fitness goals for 2017 are :
1. To get back down to 210lbs and 10% BF in 90 days (starting tomorrow, I’ll take measurements in tomorrow’s post)
2. To run the Spartan Sprint with my wife on March 18th here in Las Vegas
3. To run the Tough Mudder with my wife on October 28-29 also in Vegas.
4. To help at least 10 other people reach their fitness goals.
5. To educate people about how to get real results and that there are no quick fixes that will stay.
6. To open a Boot Camp in December (Even though I have done well in poker it’s not my passion. Helping people is😄)
7. To help my wife get back in shape.
8. To develop this blog into a place that people can come for information and support, from like minded people, that want to make a difference in themselves and the world around them.
I hope you find this blog helpful in the future. There is much more to come. Please follow so that you can be part of my struggles and triumphs and hopefully, I can be part of yours. Together we can get it done. All comments are always appreciated and if you have any questions please feel free to ask below and remember if you are asking a question most likely there are several people with the same question that are too afraid to ask. There is no judgement here, we are all friends, here to lift each other up.
Alone we may be weak. Together we are strong.
Thanks for your support,
Jeffery M. Banek